Dear Rainbow


  Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful report and for all of your kind   words. I am very proud of what our son has managed to achieve within the time he   has attended Rainbow and I want to thank you for your dedication, perseverance (     when he has been trying at times) and support. You have been so kind and friendly   towards our child and have clearly have a great bond with him. You have most   definitely left a lasting impression on him as he is very sad to be having to say  goodbye to you all. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work because it does not go unnoticed and many a time you have gone above and beyond for us all.  I may see you again in a few years’ time when a new sibling is born and old enough to attend Rainbow.
July 2021



Dear Rainbow

Wow! What a report! We cannot thank our childs Key Worker and Rainbow enough for the support and guidance they have shown our daughter since starting in Sept 18. She was a shy little girl who had troubles before pre -school with an ex childminder and she instantly took to her Key Worker and her caring and warmth presence she has shown throughout our daughters pre-school time.

She has certainly grown into an independent, funny, clever little girl who loves to colour, paint (write and draw!) I never thought she was ever going to bring a picture home of a face!!

Every time she does something good at home or has a new toy or clothes she always thinks of her key Worker... 'I'm taking this to school tomorrow to show my Key Worker!'

There will never be enough thank you's from us as a family for what you have done for our daughter. Not just in the beginning but throughout and even more so now in these challenging and forever changing circumstances, and for putting your health and care into looking after our children during these strange times.

We are so impressed with how well the pre-school has adapted the changes and how calmly the children and staff are at drop off and pick up.

She will forever be thankful for her time at Rainbow and will never ever forget her keyworker and bestest ever teacher.  xXx

To everyone at Rainbow,

Everyone at Rainbow go above and beyond to offer the best care for the children they look after. I have had two children use the preschool and they couldn’t be any more different. One is advanced for her age, the other has additional needs. Both have been supported and challenged in the right ways, they have both been helped to develop not just academically but also emotionally, socially and overall to give them the best start.

They have communicated and been approachable at all levels and always had the children’s best interests at heart.

I can’t thank them enough for the care and support they have shown both my children and the additional support they put in place for my son. I would have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending them.


I would like to thank you for the special care and attention you gave to my daughter. her confidence grew and kept growing, she was very valued and felt part of the nursery. She loved the constant opportunities for role play. You have something really special, keep up the good work. My daughter will take her experience of Rainbow through life so I would like to say THANK YOU for what you have done for her.

Dear Rainbow,

Thank you so much for looking after my daughter this year, you have made such a positive difference to her time at Rainbow, and given her such a good welcome into the education system, she loves you!

To Everyone at Rainbow,

Thank you so much for making my daughter's time with you so much fun, she has loved coming to you for the past two years and I know she will miss you all lots. I know I will miss you all too!
I also want to say a huge thank you for all your help with her learning and also her speech. We will miss seeing you in the mornings!

Dear Rainbow,

Thank you for taking the time to let us visit last week with our child, we found it a really great experience, you were very helpful and following this, we are really hopeful that our daughter will be able to join you later in the year. It was wonderful to meet you all and we know that our daughter is very excited about joining you in the new year.

You are all amazing!

Excellent communication between Rainbow Keyworkers management and parents, thank you!

Dear Rainbow,

Thank you for taking the time to show my husband, my child and myself around Rainbows a few weeks back.
We had visited Rainbows some time back and whilst we liked the setting we were concerned following the recent Ofsted report. I booked a new visit as I wanted to view the setting again since the several changes have been made. I am so pleased we visited again, Rainbows has had several noticeable changes. Both my husband and I were impressed by the cleanliness, general organisation and the calming environment we saw. The outside play area is fantastic. The children that day looked very happy and watching the staff, we were pleased to see how positive and engaging they all were with the children. My child left our side for most of the visit which he did not do before. He said he liked it when we quizzed him at home and asked when he could go back-a good sign! We were impressed with your indepth knowledge of the EYFS and how you managed various occurences during our visit. Both you and the staff have really worked hard and I am sure that when Ofsted visit again they will notice all the positive changes too. I am really happy that my child's name is on the waiting list and have been singing Rainbow's praises to my friends. I hope others will revisit to see all the improvements.